In praise of....

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The Rock Shox Pike

Freakin awesome fork, really moved my riding on knowing I have a totally planted front end. Seems to be pretty bullet proof as well, and I managed to get one before the ludicrous price increases!

Anyone else want to praise a bike bit?
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  • supersonic
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    Same for the Tora. OK its a QR, but steel stanchions are stiff and strong, and for 82 quid for the 318 a total bargain.
  • Nik_B
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    I'll praise my 320 quid pile of steaming poo....I've tried to break it very hard indeed so I can justify buying a new expensive bike but it wont bloody die.

    Marin Pioneer Trail I hate you :lol:
  • RichMTB wrote:
    Anyone else want to praise a bike bit?

    Saint M810 Brakes.
    I've never felt such modulation or feel through a lever. Even just blasting around on the crap little trails round here, they've given me so much more confidence becuase of their superb control and power reserve.
  • P-Jay
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    In Praise of my 888 WC's for taking a hell of a kicking and still maintaining.

    And my '06 Endruo for still kicking ass and taking names after all these years of abuse.
  • i praise my ummmm.... what hasnt broken on my bike yet.... my Deore shifters :D
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  • Surf-Matt
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    My SLX crankset - far better than my Stylo.
    My Stumpjumper frame - I love it.
    My Fox 90RLs - so plush but so light.
  • Tim.s
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    Yeah I love my Pikes too, very good all round fork. Ive got 426's on my Marin. Only complaint is when they decided to empty thier oil all over the boot of my car. Turns out its not a good idea to leave them upside-down in a hot car :oops:

    Second big up for my Specialized Alu P-series frame from waaaaay back. Its been a XC bike, a hardtail downhiller and currently exists as a dirt jump/street type thing. Very well made frame and extremely tough.

    Oh and Hope headsets too.
    "Didn't hurt"
  • Sarnian
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    This year as my XT stuff wear out I have been replacing them with SLX so far I have double crank set, brakes and rear mech, I can't fault the stuff.
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  • M1llh0use
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    charge, i doff my cap to your "spoon" saddle.

    praise indeed for a comfy bum!
    {insert smartarse comment here}
  • mudsucker
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    charge, i doff my cap to your "spoon" saddle.

    +1 on that! cheap, light and very comfy.

    I give thanks for my Stumpjumper FSR, fast, light, smooth. Just love it!!!!!! :D

    Best bits include:

    Fox float 120 RLs - plush,light and controlled.
    DMR V12 mags - light, look cool, grippy and have given me some awesome scars (joking!)
    Sram x9 rear mech - solid, dependable shifts everytime.
    Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

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  • Anonymous
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    -hope headset, superbly sealed and pretty good looking (for what it matters)

    -specialized 2bliss tyres. remarkaby light and easy as you like to run in a tubeless fashion.
  • RichMTB
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    hope headset, superbly sealed and pretty good looking (for what it matters)\

    Anything Hope make with a bearing in it, headsets, hubs and most recently BB's the external BB in my Pace is still silky smooth after 6 months so when the Shimamno one in the FSR went guess what replaced it?
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  • Graydawg
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    My Old Steed - she never let me down, even if she did weigh a ton - only have 18 gears and would have been better having a ridgid fork than a tempramental 2cm of undampened suspension!
    It's been a while...
  • rwalworth
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    Praise to my magura marta sl, can't fault the thing at all, perfect modulation and great power. With sleak gold looks
  • my marin nail trail frame. I can tell already just how good it is, it really flies at speed and that's from someone with no mtb fitness or confidence yet. Once I get on top of all of that, I can see it being a long time ally.
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  • Raymondavalon
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    My WTB Rocket Race V saddles. Got them fitted on two of my bikes, done plenty of long rides with the Rocket race V saddles and no pain, no rash, just great. I can ride on these saddles all day long. I will be investing in a 3rd one soon.

    My Crank Bros. Joplin seatpost, I've had it for going on 7 months, ridden in all conditions with it and it hasn't faltered. Let's me down when I need it to, and rises to the occasion on demand too. Great piece of kit

    DMR V8 pedals. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, they just do what they're supposed to, work faultlessly and spin nicely.
  • deadliest
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    +1 For the V8's The bitey little buggers have eaten my ankle and shin on more than one occassion but I still love em.
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  • phz
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    another +1 for the V8s - wouldnt ride anything else regardless of bike or riding style - first upgrade ive made to my MTB noob wifes hardrock too

    slainte 8) rob
  • mcbazza
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    Wellgo MG1's win over the DMR's any day.
    It's basically the same pedal as the V12, but, at a much cheaper price.
    Wellgo actually make the V's on behalf of DMR!!

    You can get a MG1-Ti (complete) for the same price as *only* the upgraded Ti shaft for the V12's costs!!
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  • Mr Wu
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    My Sram PC991 chain.

    Thank you for being so strong and keeping me going forward despite my sizeable arse.