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Ealing to Marlow Commute

tyskietyskie Posts: 252
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It's been about 18 months since my last commute. That one ended up rather badly after being clobbered by a car and meant I was out of action cycling wise for about a year. That was to Leatherhead though which was fairly straightforward without too many nasty roads. Been working in Marlow now for a few months so want to get back into it and give that commute a go. I'm going to do a trial run on Saturday morning and my rough plan was to head up the Uxbridge Road, bypass Uxbridge by taking some smaller roads just to the south of it and then go cross country by Fulmer, around the north edge of Burnham Beeches and down into Bourne End and then Marlow.

Any tips on roads to take, avoid etc. would be much appreciated. Because of the length of the ride avoiding hills would be good.


  • FeltupFeltup Posts: 1,340
    The lanes above Burnham Beeches are really nice but watch out for the rat run racers. I don't think You have much of a choice regarding missing hills apart from heading a long way south via Maidenhead. The whole Burnham area is high and of course you then drop steeply down to the Thames Valley. Good luck with the recce.
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  • Bourne End has a shed load of Holes in the road at the moment. Marlow town centre gets fairly snarled up as you know.

    I used to find the roads road B Beeches are bloody awful as they are used a s a rat run in the morning.

    there is not not much scalping potential either dont see to many people around.
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