Downhill in Normandy, France

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Thought I would post on here and tell people about the BMX track we rode and also a permanent DH track that I found in Normandy last week.

I have just got back into Mountain biking and fancied riding some spots in the Normandy area.

For the last year or so my young son and I have been riding some of the BMX tracks in the area we have a holiday home. We went to the BMX track in Vire which was awesome. When we turned up it was a bit like aliens had landed as I was on a hard tail mountain bike with armour on and I think they thought I was going to be great. How wrong they were, all the gear no idea. I was terrible and pretty much cased all the jumps and at the start couldn't properly pump any of the woop sections either. By the end I was just about getting the idea of pumping but not on the back wheel like the locals do.

This is some video of my lad riding the track and some locals showing us how to really do it. ... annel_page

A few days later we decded to go and find a downhill track that I had found after a lot of investigation. I found a tiny bit of info on a permanent downhill track in Coutances in Normandy. They are really hard to find by car as the car park for VTT park is well hidden and there are no signs.

The tracks are pretty short but nicely setup (although I have nothing to guage this against). The main track is bermtastic with a few drop offs added in for good measure. Some of the other tracks I rode had some nice berms and pretty good jumps as well. I think that with a bit more investigation there is probably a great days worth of playing to be had here.

For anyone that wants to find either of the tracks let me know and I can point you in the right direction.


  • Hi! I’m going to this area in a few weeks time. It’s been a few years since you went, hopefully the Dh track is still there. Can you give me the precise location of it?!
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