Alternatives to Loctite Blue?

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I can't seem to find Loctite Blue (that's the medium one isn't it?) here in Hungary, although regular Loctite is plentiful.

Can anyone suggest an alternative for thread locking compound - it's for a chainset. Would something like Tacx Carbon Prep do a good enough job?


  • Wappygixer
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    I used to work with engineers who always said that even with the strongest bearing fix it can easily be broken down by a little heat application.
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    Loctite 243 is the number you need - comes in a liquid or I prefer a solid stick which is easy to apply screw threads
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    Heat is a damn good 'solvent' for glues and thread locking compounds. You don't need **lots**, just a little if it's real stiff so you don't round threads off.

    If you can't get hold of Loctite 'blue', try Loctite 'orange' :lol:

    All works the same! 8)
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    Try a modelling shop. They sell conventional Cyano which is the same stuff.
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    I don't use medium strength thread lock on any bike components as it can be difficult to unscrew. Just occasionally low strength on certain threads. There are other brands to Loctite that do a similar job.
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    Raw linseed oil works too if you're desperate.
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    robbarker wrote:
    Raw linseed oil works too if you're desparate.

    Pikey :lol::wink:
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    do you really need loctite on a bike?

    i've never used it and never had a problem with parts coming loose. but, i have never ridden in Hungary either.
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    248 in the stick form.

    paint works as well.
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