Most technical trail - descent in the UK

busta gonad
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Anyone have a scooby as to where this could be, on a mountain somewhere i'm sure, answers on a post card please.


  • Yeti Jon
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    Rangers path of Snowdon is supposed to be up there. Never ridden it myself though went up Snowdon to ride it but the weather was too bad.
  • busta gonad
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    I know mountains such as Snowdon, Helvelyn and Ben nevis are certainly toted as being good hard long descents but how technical are they and is it just the the manmade features making the riding more technical, i have heard about the descent off Dollywagon pike now being ruined with waterbars, manmade staircases, all well and good to control erosion but not much fun on a bike, Ben Nevis is very much the same a giants causeway.

    I have always wondered on Helvelyn whether something like Swirral edge would be a goer by the bold, really can't remember anything about it, having come down that way in my red socks yonks ago.

    So where are the really good more natural trails that offer a challenge, say the equivalant to the Laggan black but in the mountains. Anything in the Peaks as i have never ridden there, i should know about.
  • P-Jay
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    Well I could get all nerdy and say the world cup course at Fort Bill.

    I guess it's open to opinion but as far as trail centre xc courses go I found the last section of the Raven at Brecfa a PROPER handfull, the descent on the Red there is also pretty eye-opening if taken at full attack speed. But I've hardly been everywhere.
  • busta gonad
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    Get all geeky, i think it's probably fair to say the Fort Bill DH is way more fun to ride than the tourist track on the button ben!

    Info on Trail center stuff also apreciated.
  • RichMTB
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    The DH course at Fort bill is certainly the most technical trail i've ever ridden (by ridden I mean rode the easy bit at the top and then walked most of it while being slagged off by guys coming up in the gondolas!)
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  • Coming down Hellvellyn to Grisdale Tarn must be up there. Toughest I've done that's for sure. Visibility was very poor though :shock: .
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    ^ That's Dollywagon Pike I think. We came up that way when we did Helvellyn!! Carrying of course.