Wheels for heavier( 14.5 st ) rider..budget 250.00

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Wheels for heavier( 14.5 st ) rider..budget 250.00?


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    Not that I'm an expert, but I'll start things off.

    First question is probably, what are you going to be using them for?

    I'm a touch heavier than you and for general riding and training (and I will even be using them for some light touring), I took advice from this forum and went for a pair of handbuilts. Very robust and easy enough to maintain.

    Popular rims for general use are mavic open pros, but I went for DT Swiss R.1.1. You can then choose your own hubs, which, hopefully, will outlast a fair few rims.

    I've had mine on for about 500 miles and apart for some minor truing, no problems.
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    You are both lightweights!!!! Handbuilt, hub of choice on 36 hole (rear) 28 (front) mavic open pro, cxp 22 or ambrosio excellence rims.
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    I put on some Mavic Ksyrium Equipes this week and today went for the maiden voyage - nearly 80 miles!!! They were amazing through some of the crappy country roads we've got here in Cambridge, they are also quite light and felt amazing when accelerating. Really pleased with them.
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    If you want factory built for £15 quid more than your budget the Roval Echapee are OK (e.g. http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDeta ... ctID=11617)
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    I was 14.5 stone ealier this year and went through a pair of Shimano RS20's like they were made of cheese. As I was commuting I wanted the cheapest wheels I could get that could withstand my weight + pothole attraction (I can't help aiming at them!). I went for some Bontrager Race wheels and after 500+ miles they are still true (gave the spokes a tweak at 75 miles). Wern't too expensive either, about £170ish I think.