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Hi all, I brought a Bianchi Via Nirone with a Veloce Groupset from a large UK retailer 4 months ago, I have lovingliy maintained it throughout this time. On a training ride on Easter Sunday with no warning the band for the front derailleur snapped and the whole derailleur followed the chain aroundto the rear mech. Obviously I stopped immediately and looked at the damage - the derailleur was knackered and in coming off had taken a healthy size welt of the the paintwork on the down tube and the chain stay. I have taken the bike back to the retailer and it is currently with them. There is no way that a component like this should fail after 4 months, does anyone know what I am entitled to by way of repair or replacement from the store?



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    Evans (I bet you bought from Evans) will likely mess you about a bit :wink:
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    I would kick off if it doesn't get resolved to your satisfasction.
    I wouldn't accept the bike back without the paint issues being resolved either.In fact I'd probably hold out for a new bike, I'd also ask for a bike to use while yours got repaired claiming you need it for work purposes.
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    Thanks for the replies, the bike has been with them since Tuesday I have managed to resist the temptation to badger them this week and the bike is used for commuting so I have been relegated back to the mountain bike. I will start harrassing them on Monday as they will have had a week to start sorting it, a new bike would be my perfect resolution and I'll keep you all posted as to what happens but I was just curious if anyone else has been through a similar experience and what their outcome was.

  • I would remind them of their legal obligation under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, if they don't come back with an answer - this is NOT a warranty issue. The retailer is responsible, no matter what they might try to tell you.
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    They could claim that a mis-shift or poorly adjusted mech cause the chain to jam in the mech, forcing the band to snap and wrecking your drivetrain - I'm afrain that is the more typical scenario for why drivetrains get wrecked. The band on the mech is not heavily stressed, so the chances of it failing for no reason are remote. Has the band clamp left an impression in the seatube of the frame?
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  • They could, but within the 1st 6 months from purchase it is for the retailer to prove that the item (the complete cycle) was not defective at the time of sale, not for the consumer.

    Too many retailers will simply say 'not our problem, refer to the manufacturers under the warranty'. It IStheir problem.
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    Your contract is with the vendor NOT the manufacturer so don't accept the stock response that you'll need to speak to the manufacturer about their warranty. Get the shop to do all that.
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    But the shop will reasonably counter that the mech failed due to 'operator error' rather than it just 'failed'. The chance of a sudden and catastrophic failure of most correwctly installed bike parts is rare, it is usually down to a crash, poor installation (over-tightened screw?) mis-shifting gear (chain jam exerting pressure on the mech cage) and my experience would tend to suggest the latter. I'm just trying to get to OP to look at it from the other side's perspective - if a shop provided a warranty replacement for every time somebody walked it with an 'it broke for no reason' story, they would be out of business. I'm not saying that is the case here, but to manage their expectation.
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