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What I did to the PMANS bike frame...

tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782
edited April 2009 in MTB general
Back from the spray shop it came into a white orb shining in the sun, I just love my Salsa Ala Carte frame...


  • bungalisticbungalistic Posts: 543
    Nice paint job where did you get it done, I love simple paint schemes
  • tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782

    Its sprayed by a guy called kevin winter, he is brilliant, the finish is great and it turns a blue colour in the light also, its a bit off the wall to the red red it was before but it was mainly sprayed to keep my rebuild cost down, £450 for a new frame with not so good choices of colour or around £100 to spray and get the stickers all done and the chain stay protector.

    Steel is a 20 year rhobust material and i love it! haha
  • tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782
    thanks for looking, love your mud aero rims haha :lol:
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