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Bumped into a box of tricks in Lidl today, little tool kit of most stuff the basic bike mechanic is going to need to disassemble the bike to it's component parts before having to send it all back to the LBS in a plastic bag. £25. Chain whip, cassett tool, BB tool, allens, cone and pedal spanners, and loads more.

AND I asked recently about singe pivots... well I've no money for all that jazz so how about steel? The Charge Duster has caught my eye in a real 'love at first site' kindof way. Researched and have looed at a Prince Albert, 456 and a Trailstar. Is there anything else I should consider that would go nicely into this list? Steel trail Steal?


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    I think the Duster is only for up to 100mm forks? Makes it quite different from some of the others there, the 456 and PA are long-travel monsters, heavy and strong. The Inbred is more along the lines of the Duster. There's the Genesis Altitude too, cheap for an 853 frame.

    I've totally fallen in love with the Cotic Soul, but no denying it's foolishly expensive. Or, Cotic BFE if you want something burlier like the 456 and PA, though it's exactly as foolishly expensive as the Soul.
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    Ah yes... Cotic. I'll have a ganders. It's more the 456 and trailstar geometry and intention that I'm after but it'll be built up as a trail bike which I might take to a local jump spot from time to time. But i know my limits and I think they are slightly earlier than even a bike made of straightened paper clips. I'll check out Genisis too