Looking at shorter travel full suspension frames

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Looking to build up a short travel full suspension bike, something with about 4" travel at the rear - just a little bit to soak up some of the bigger bumps that are not so fun on a steel hardtail!

...I don't want anything more than 5". I would like to run 130, 140 or 150mm forks (as on my hardtail z150's, but nothing near as heavy as those). Ideally it will be a singletrack demon built so it can tackle the longer uphill struggle's as well as being solid enough to take a beating down the faster downhill sections.

I'm 6ft2" so a large frame is required...

I was looking at something like the Da Bomb Cherry Bomb, any thoughts on similar frames, would like to spend about £5-600 max, don't mind buying good condition second hand (i.e. no dints or dents, bust up bushes etc..).