Puncture resistance only....

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OK, today I managed to ride over yet another sharp/pointy/devil made object that halted my ride after only 3.5 miles :( This being the third in as many weeks!!

I believe it is time for me to move on from my Continental GP4000's (not the 'S' version, just standard ones in red)

Could someone on this forum pleeease point me toward a tyre that can keep me rollin' (in the context of FULLY INFLATED, I'm no longer bother about rollin' resistance!!!)

Thanks, Kieran.
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  • have bontrager race lites on my commuter for a similar reason - they've yet to let me down...
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    the full on anti fairy tires tend to be the marthon pluses which take an awe inspiring amount of punishment, but before you go that route, your tires could just be worn, or you could of just been unlucky?
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    I had Bontrager race lites fitted to my trek when I got it last Sept. First decent ride I had got a flat. Looked at various posts here and got some spesh All Condition Pros. People had good results but I had quite a few flats. Would probably have been better off with the race lites.

    Anyway, just changed to Michelin Krylion Carbons and got 25mm's, not 23mm (just for a little improvement in ride comfort). CRC finally got some in beginning April. Just the 2 long rides so far and not a flat so maybe early days but seem robust enough.
  • What about these...


    Seem to get some good rep with a quick google.

    I was thinking about getting some.
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    Conti Gatarskins, I have them on my commuter bike, had 2 puntures in 2 years !
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    either armadillos or marathon plusses.

    But you'll care about rolling resistance once you've got them.

    Alternatively fit a tubeless conversion. Then no more punctures.
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    either armadillos or marathon plusses.

    But you'll care about rolling resistance once you've got them.

    Alternatively fit a tubeless conversion. Then no more punctures.

    I have Armadillos on my bike and they are fabolous puncture resistance tyres and also give you the worst ride of your life. That is why I am changing to Krylions, a decent compromise :)
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  • There does seem to be a trend in "which tyre" threads, where there's either very low rolling resistance or no punctures ever. With few recommendations in between.
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  • Continental Gatorskins definitely.

    Just transferred them from my old bike to me new one this morning and found a huge (for a small tyre!) hole in the rear one, down to the protection layer. The Michelin's that I took off would have left me very cheesed off on the roadside somewhere! Only had one puncture so far and even that was just the seam of the inner tube developing a small hole.
  • I've only ever used Vittoria Rubino tyres on my road bike and so far in 6 months only had two punctures...touch wood.

    One where I hit a large stone in the rode in the dark, I hit it before I saw it :( even though I had lights. The other puncture I've had was caused by a faulty valve on the inner tube, which wasn't the tyres fault.
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    armadillos every time. Never punctured one.
    And never noticed a difference in ride quality or speed.