Where can I watch Biking on TV?

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Im after any kind of MTB / BMX stuff on TV.

What sport channel shows these?


  • nonnac85
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    extreme sports sometimes have MTB'ing.

    I find freecaster.tv better (net based tv).
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    How about freecaster.tv via the net?

    Just over 30mins until the UCI World Cup 09 Pietermaritzburg DH is shown live!!
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  • Anderzz
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    Ah great link thanks guys.

    Gonna be watching this today :)
  • Freecaster is the best site out there by far.
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  • Aye, i'm getting excited :D
  • mcbazza
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    Well, that was great viewing!!

    The difference between the top 4 or 5 and the rest of the field is amazing. Just goes to show how good you have to be to be on top.

    I was dumbstruck at Hill's run. And then Peaty wiped him.
    But, when Minnaar had all of them, then seemed to find a shortcut to finish 2.25secs ahead of 2nd place?!?!

    (1) Minaar 3m43
    (2) Hannah +2.25
    (3) Peat +5.8
    (4) Hill +6.7
    Stumpy, Rockhopper (stolen!) & custom SX Trail II - that should do it!