need mudguards but which ones for full sus

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hi guys,

got dog pooh in mouth the other day and made me ill. so i need to install mudguards as i don't want to get ill again. my bike is full sus. which ones are effective? have tried the neoprene hack on the front with an old tube, tried crud catcher to be honest neither were much cop. been looking at the moto style ones, are they any good? i also thought of putting full guards on using the sks ones which zip tie to the frame and stanchions. ideas appreciated
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    can't really help you out here. I run crud catchers front and back and the RRP neoguard on the forks. I find this is the best available at the moment.

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  • I'm currently looking for mudguards myself for the 'commuting' bike. I've used Crud Catchers before but in my experience the front one only really works if you don't go round corners. Think I'm going to get something lke this:


    The bit in the middle goes up the steerer tube. Think it's worth a punt for eight quid, anyway.
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    Sks shockboard on the front, crud catcher on the rear. Keeps your face clean!
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    SKS Shockboard for the front is excellent, very reasonably priced and looks good for it's type. It stops everything coming up and over the top. Highly recommended.
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    Yup, shockboard is brilliant, it's really small but amazingly effective. I nearly went with the THE front guard, very glad I didn't, it looks like it belongs on a BMW GS1200 riding off round the world :lol:
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  • cheers the sks one for reversed arches is the one i was thinking of as its the least stupid looking one, glad it also stops over spray as well
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