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Shop screwed up, back to square 1 - HELP!



  • OceanblueOceanblue Posts: 158
    weepiglet wrote:
    Size 54 - You must be about 5' 6"?

    Anyway, I Just bought a Trek 1.9 this afternoon. The LBS did it with SPD-SL's for £1000....mega deal if you ask me. Delivery 22nd April....WHOOP WHOOP!!

    They were really helpful and kudos to Simon Walsh who suggested the LBS (J M Hanna in Lisburn). They have great discounts on Treks (09 models) at present and even the Madone 4.7 (or something) is £1400.

    Called in myself yesterday and was pleasantly surprised - very helpful staff and not a bad level of stock!! I even seen the Trek bike I fancied a couple of months ago but wanted to see it in the flesh before I bought it due to the unusual colour. I couldn't find it in NI so I bought the Giant. Had I have found it then I would have bought it.

    The most annoying thing is that its right round the corner from me - right under my nose! I thought it was just a dated old raleigh dealer who had lost interest...
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