speedplay X2 pedals - a bit of play

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Hi, I have had these for about 1.5 years on my road bike, so they only get used usually at the weekends. Anyway the left pedal, the one that I clip out of most frequently when coming to a stop at lights etc seems to have developed a bit of play where the cleat connects to the pedal. A visual examinination doesn't seem to show up anything obvious, but when I clip in and start pedalling I notice a little movement. This is not occurring with the righthand (foot) side pedal. I recently got new cleats as the metal on the originals had worn down too much, but the problem didn't show up at the time. Last night I replaced the cleat completely and clipped back in, problem not solved. Anyone any expereince of this - any solutions short of spending £100+ on new pedals?


  • Kléber
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    You can get them serviced, the bearings replaced and even new spindles. Cheaper than new ones. It could just be that they need tightening, remove the dustcap and look inside.
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    Check all the pedal screws on the bowties and as above stated check to see if the axle bolt is loose. Make sure the new cleat is fastened securely to the shoe. Not likely a problem as they last a very long time but do the bowties have much wear? In the worst case you don't need to buy new pedals as they sell rebuild kits to replace everything but the axle.
  • kieranb
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    thanks, will double check everything then take to bike shop if still a problem.