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For the Mrs (Specialized StumpJumper)

FunkMaster007FunkMaster007 Posts: 124
edited April 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hey Guys,

I've been checking out some bikes and have decided to get myself the Specialized StumpJumper FSR Comp - great value for money and a great ride, but for the Mrs it's a little more tricky.

We went and tried a Myka FSR Expert (small) for size and it fits pretty well, but then looked at the Specialized Safire comp and thought, well since we have the extra cash, we'll go for that.

Then did some research last night and found that the Safire 08 model is the same as the 09 model, just a little more expensive because prices have gone up and can't find a 08 model anyways .... so now I am starting to ponder about getting the Mrs a Stumpy like mine, but a 'small' frame.

So I wanted to know .... are there any ladies out there riding a StumpJumper (which is sold towards the male market).

-- Specialized StumpJumper FSR Comp (09) [for me] --
-- Specialized Safire FSR Comp (09) [for the Mrs] --
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