Calling all Orange O2 owners...

Kowalski Posts: 76
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I'm looking to get an Orange O2 (1998) off of ebay to use with a baby seat. Could any one confirm that it has the standard rack mounting points? It looks to have the ones at the axle end but i cant see any on the seat post end in the photos i've found...

Cheers D


  • Andy B
    Andy B Posts: 8,115
    The O2 does not have rack mounting points near the top of the seatstays nor on the wishbone at the top. ... ght=orange

    You can get child seats that fit onto the seat tube though.
  • Kowalski
    Kowalski Posts: 76
    bugger, there goes that plan then, unfortunately I already have the seat and am using it as an excuse to get a new bike... I'll keep hunting!

    Thanks for the quick reply!