DIY puncture-proof tyres

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Before I shell out some cash for decent tyres, I want to squeeze every last drop of life from my old crappy ones.

They are softer than butter sometimes... :? i'm looking to do anything I can to increase thier puncture-resistance.

I've been told that you can glue some rim-tape to the inside of the tyres to create a thicker barrier between the road and the innertube.

Does this work?

Are there any more effective methods?

Also, when you get a puncture, and there's a hole left in the tyre - what's the best way to seal it up? Superglue?


  • redddraggon
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    Use a narrow tub instead of an inner tube
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  • Bhima
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    Would that not be more expensive than just getting a decent pair of tyres?
  • gundersen
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    In the past I have had 2 tires per wheel on my commuter .

    Cut the sides off an old tire and place it inside your "real" tire. Can be a bit of a fight , but when in all should be good.

    Has saved me from many heartbreaks.

    But they are obviously heavier.

    (Have had continental gp inside continental gp and michelin pro race inside panaracer)
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    norbert colon lives
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    add stan's no tubes puncture sealant either post puncture or in advance. will seal most holes in my experience. you will need inner tube valves with detachable innards.
  • ellieb
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    Why not fill them with sand. It saves an absolute fortune & they never deflate
  • maddog 2
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    beach sand not building sand. Much better rolling resistance.
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  • Anonymous
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    Just buy some new tyres if your old tyres are on there way out, no use using beat up tyres that are falling apart.
  • NaB
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    Tires or should that be tyres inside tyres...never would have thought of that myself :shock: . S**t tyres are not worth saving imo...but a dab of superglue in the cuts can help to extend their life.
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