strengths and weaknesses

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what are yours? be honest now, if you have a particular area of weakness that you want to overcome or had a weakness that you did overcome, share your tips and techniques and maybe we can all help one another improve.

same goes for strengths. if youre particularly good at a riding style or are just really fast at cornering lets compare notes.

me, Im absolutely cack in the air. i dont like jumping man made jumps since i almost killed myself a few years back.

also, my berm riding needs work, i cant seem to let my mind allow me to go as low as I know i am able to and often need to. this slows me down a little and is preety dangerous when im bombing along.

im pretty fast on long rocky sections and can pick out a line on what looks like a mess of boulders and roots though. my drop off and prejump technique is smooth as silk too.


  • andyturner28
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    I am also crap in the air. I don't mind step downs, jumping humps on the trail etc, but anything with a big ramp that launches me into the air and i need to change my underwear :roll:
  • Johnny Napalm
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    I'm pretty crap at everything! :oops:

    Although, I did dream last night that was dropping off a 12ft drop, onto flat, with total ease. If only, eh!

    My strength is climbing hills, which I really do love to do. I'm not too bad at matter what the gradient.
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    I'm better than I thought i would be and a lot more confident than I thought I would be considering I've only been riding properly for a few months and don't really have a problem with speed or small jumps (at my level). That said, slow controlled riding is what I have to work on.
  • schmako
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    Pros: Most things.

    Cons: Wall rides and forgetting sections, thus crashing.
  • pilsburypie
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    Strength: attempting new things

    Weakness: fitness for long slog climbs
  • P-Jay
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    Pros: Carrying speed over rough terrain, I like to think I can take the beating and keep the speed up. Jumps, and pumping, I also pride myself on being last of the late/non brakers.

    Cons: Fittness, Drops with blind landings and MUD! I'm bloody terrible in the slop, I go from being lose and easy to stiff and jerky after a big face plant into a berm in Les Gets a few years back, oh and wet/damp woodwork.
  • hmmmn,
    Pro's. - Can talk a good ride!
    Cons - pretty much all aspects of riding!

    asked a month ago would have been different but since then i have been out on my local trails with some guys that have never ridden them before and i got completely blown away, comprehensively so! and thus have decided that i am infact quite rubbish at it!

    thjink i am far too upright on the bike, far too stiff, the list goes on!!!!
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    You lot can't be that bad ? :lol:

    Or do you all spend more time on the internet talking about biking than actually doing it perhaps ?;)

    My climbing is getting there and I'm also getting more an more confidence to pick a line and fly through technical stuff.

    I don't like big jumps (or rather the falling off part of getting it wrong!) and one thing I always struggle on is bigger obstacles that would involve lifting the back end up fairly quickly after the front end has made it over to clear. Instead I tend to get the big ring or pedals entangled.
  • andyturner28
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    Just to add to my earlier and rather brief post. Aside from jumps (which i am getting better at thanks to the Swinly jump gully) i am also not very good at getting my weight back enough on steep drops, causing me to go over the bars on more than a few occasions! Again that is improving as i did quite a few very steep rooty drop offs in Surrey hills least Monday, but there was one i bottled completely just because you had to steer round several trees on the way down and the last bit is neer vertical. Also rubbish at off camber, especially if it is also even remotely damp or loose. Hate wet roots too.

    Strengths i would say is endurance. I can last a pretty long time in the saddle. I'm OK at berms and technical climbs, and climbing in general. Have most fun on fast open singletrack with berms and loads of step downs such as the last sections of Skyline and Whites at Afan :D
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    me, Im absolutely cack in the air. i dont like jumping man made jumps since i almost killed myself a few years back.

    You need to go to a trail centre and practise on them! :lol:
    As I get older, the fact that it hurts more and you heal slower is the biggest factor for me, so you just end up calming it all down a bit... Never been good in the air after a major stack and fecked up shoulder (still is) and took a big knock to my knee a few years ago without pads on... And that still feels kinda numb.. All things that make me go slower.With minimal air- although I have been trying to get better at it! 8)
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    Pros: being able to ride fairly good distances and climbs for my fitness level - think my Stumpy helps a great deal there though!

    Cons: anything technical really! I would love to be better at downhills, but my bike is not best designed for that, and my body seems tooo fragile for it too!

    Wishlist for 09 - really want to learn to wheelie and manual :)
  • projectsome
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    I would say my biggest weakness is gearing on trails. I always have it in the wrong gear when approaching an uphill and have to get off and push.

    biggest strength would be endurance and the will to stay alive dodging traffic!
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  • Surf-Matt
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    Pros - up hills, quite fast on speedy singletrack, decentish fitness and endurance levels.

    Cons - hate deep mud, roots and a total gayer downhilling unless it's dry - then I'm only a semi gayer.
  • Pro's - confidence, powerful legs, fast decender

    Con's - slow on berms - can seem to control the bike round them as well as others, roots kill me, balance isn't great on thin boardwalks

    Random - If i'm riding a trail and i'm "pumped" and a big drop comes up, i'll just ride it. However when it comes to scoping out a new drop I'll never just go and do it...takes me a while.
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    Pro: nothing...... lol

    Con: because i need to work on my Balance, it limited me what i would like to do. even though im getting better with my balance on the bike thanks for daily commuting, i prop need to be more confidence.

    in my defend, i only start cycling (properly) and own a bike since August/Sept 2008. :oops:
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  • Mrs Toast
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    General lack of confidence.
    And technical ability.
    Er, and fitness.
    Shonky knees


    Enthusiasm! :D

    I'm actually quite chuffed in how far I've come along since I started mountain biking. I'm not particularly fast, or very good, and my rate of improvement is probably slower than a lot of other people. But I don't really care about that - all I care about is whether I'm riding stuff better than I did the week before.
  • spongtastic
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    weaknesses - anything involving jumping, hops, manuals etc. I just can't seem to get the front wheel off the ground every time. I have a big pointy head so even a Hex looks like a pimple.
    strengths - thanks to spd's a can now climb like a goat, straight up 45 degree inclines no problem, mud's easy, and after spending the winter on a single speed I can cycle for 6 hours with a big enough supply of liquid, rocky road cake and flapjacks.
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  • Mrs Toast wrote:


    :lol: I like that, can I add that to mine :)
  • miss notax
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    Hmmm, here goes.....

    - Keeping going through mud / sand / bog etc (I ride in the New Forest - practice makes perfect :wink: )
    - Downhill - i'm not that fast but improving quickly
    - Drop off's and anything where I can just hang on....

    - Fitness - uphills requiring more than about 2 mins effort max are a nightmare, I just run out of steam :oops:
    - Chickening out of things where everyone stands around wondering if it can be done. I always convince myself that it can't (wheras if I just rode it in the first place it probably would have been fine :roll: )
    - Feeling old when everyone else seems to be about 20 years younger than me :shock: :lol:
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  • + Good at going up hills and rocky climbs, I always seem to be able to spot a good line and get to the top, even if it's a long one
    + Stamina, 30+ miles no probs
    + Fairly smooth downhills as long as they're not too rocky
    + Bike maintenance, Ican strip and rebuild my bike without fear!
    + Spending money on bike bits

    - Really rocky descents, I can never keep up with my riding mate.
    - Doubles, if they're table tops I'll clear them, but put a gap in the middle and my bottle goes!
    - Convincing my wife another new bike is necessary (I'm rubbish at this, HELP!)
  • Northwind
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    I'm completely rotten at berms, not really a big deal on my local trails but it slows me down so much at trail centres, they just freak me out a bit (the feeling that if I get it wrong and come off the top, I'll fly out the side at 30mph and land quarter of a mile down the hill :lol: I'm not a great jumper but I can get the job done, just with no style. And I don't choose lines well, I'm a good reactive rider but not a good planner- so I get myself out of trouble well but i get into it when I shouldn't :roll:

    My stamina and power's low but I don't mind that at all, I've got a gimped leg so I'm doing not bad as it is. Never going to be a race winner or a marathon rider...
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  • Daz555
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    Strengths: Accounts.
    Weaknesses: Eczema.

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  • benneally
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    +Flowing over rough stuff

    -Bike maintenance
    -motivation to go ride when its wet/windy :oops:
    -not having the self control to ride anything less than 100%, its always a race with me. My taining goes to pot as im always pushing to hard.
    -jumps, drop offs
    -traction over really exposed roots
  • Banned!
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    benneally wrote:
    -traction over really exposed roots

    i used to have this very problem and i solved it by pretending they werent there at all and focussing on the exit, hitting the roots hard and more or less manualing over them, but pushing my entire wieght over the back end to stick the bike into them so that there was no chance of slipping.

    not the prettiest thing to look at Im sure, but i havent bailed on a rooty bit for years.
  • tompug
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    +Im fairly confident in my ability to do anything, and not phased by much.
    -I get injured far too much, this month 2 broken ribs, gravel rash on both knees, loads of slashes on my calves from pedals and yesterday got both legs covered in nettle stings. Not to mention the tens of bruises all over.
  • Mastineo
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    + reading forums, pretending I know what I'm doing.
    - cycling
  • myopic
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    Riding up hill
    Berms and Flat corners

    Rock step ups - JUST CANT NAIL THEM!! :evil:
    Big extended root patches (used to be all roots, but I'm getting better)
    Big drop-offs :oops:

    Ratty beat me to recommendation to JC to improve his technique on the weak areas by heading to a Trail Centre...... :wink:
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  • GHill
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    Mrs Toast wrote:

    General lack of confidence.
    And technical ability.
    Er, and fitness.
    Shonky knees


    Enthusiasm! :D

    That all sounds very familiar to me! 8)
  • lesz42
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    lack of confidence, even on silly/easy stuff ( first big berm, from the uphill bit at llandegla, just before a "gate") feel like a fool sadly.

    technical ability, cant jump, even a manual is hard,

    weak knees ( painskillers help)

    fitness is ok-ish, just did 2 laps of the blue at Llandegla, ( guess its easy for most here) felt totally fine the next day, which i was happy with

    climbing ( but hate "false flats")
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  • My main weaknesses are doing high up north shore and doing the huge jumps/drop offs. I could do with a few lessons/confidence building for those. I'm quite confident with the rest of the things I come across out on the trails.