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I've just got some new shoes and have realised that my cleats/pedals are spd-r when i thought they were spd-sl, and the new shoes only have the '3-bolt' holes. If I buy some spd-sl cleats, will they fit my pedals or should i bite the bullet and just get some new pedals?
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  • Simon Notley
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    I think you need new pedals. You can cleats and pedals together for not much cash though, have a look on Ribble or Parkers.
  • John.T
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    Get some SPD-SLs. They are much easier to use than SPD-R. Mine were a sod to unclip. Some track riders still use them for this reason. SLs are better to walk in so you don't end up on the cafe floor.
  • synchronicity
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    SPD-Rs are basically obsolete.
  • John.T
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    SPD-Rs are basically obsolete.
    Not just basically. They have been for some time. But if anyone would like a couple of pairs there are some in my garage.
  • I have some Syntace 3 bolt adapters to use SPD 2 bolt cleats if you want to try them?