Waiting List?

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I was i bit late to register for a race supposed to be happening in April so i was wait listed.

Question is, how do waitng lists work? Does one just show up on the day at the race and wait to find out if there are any extra places available or do the organisers contact in advance to inform whether or not there will be more places available.

I emailed them the question but i am a little impatient to wait for the response.


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    its considered impolite not to inform the race organisers that you will be unable to attend at least 24 hours in advance, so if somebody does drop out then you will get a call around 24 hours in advance. dont just show up hoping to get a place, thats a waste of time.
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    Stay at home and take the view that without you in the race there won't be a winner anyway.

    Sit on the couch and claim 1st Place!!!

    After the race send in your winning claim with the suggestion that the race organisers conatct you in better time for the next race, especially if they want a true winner involved!! :wink: