Morzine with children (advice required)

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Has anyone been to Morzine with young children?

We are going to be in France for a couple of weeks in July/August and were wondering if Morzine is a suitable place to go with young children. I want to go and do a few runs down the downhills on my own, but obviously I have the kids and wife to think about as well.

I have a few questions:

Is it feasable to get down from one of the cable cars with child who is 6 (can ride pretty well and is up for a laugh) and a child in a rear child carrier? I think I probably know the answer to this one already, No :)

Does anyone know what the cross coutry routes are like in the valley are there some easy paths to cycle along?

Is the weather generally good in the alps in the summer?

Is there other stuff to do for young children in the summer?

Any help would be gratefully received.


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    There's lifts for walkers/hikers you could use to take them up for a look. I've never looked for, or seen any family friendly routes. The slopes are so steep unless theres some bottom of the valley trial I doubt it.

    Weather is CHANGEABLE, you really can get 4 seasons in one day, in a morning sometimes and it changes very quickly. You can see rainstorms coming accross the mountains towards you sometimes, it only really gets cold on the mountain tops though.

    As for other things, there's a nice looking outside pool that's always seems full of kids when I've gone over it on the lift and devil karts that look nice a right laugh.

    The town it'self is a pretty thing, I'm sure there's plenty to do.
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    Thanks PJ. Sounds like it might be a goer.
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    There are vehicle routes (firetracks / tarmac) to the tops of the the bigger cable cars, on my last day I, a bit battered and tired and on bike strictly not up to it I trundled down to Morzine village. It can get steep thoughso you'd want to really trust your 6yo not to go a bit mad.

    There's quite a nice xc route from Les Gets to Morzine.

    It's the alps though, there are climbs and descents every which way you turn
  • There's loads of stuff to do here with children - once they are 6/7 plus. Riding wise you need to choose very carefully, but there are some good rides they can do - great views, not too challenging trails. Then a few more, where you may want to get off and carry their bike on a few short sections.

    Then while you attack the DHs they can go climbing, walking, swimming, horse riding, goat village etc etc. The guides put on activities for kids which they can join, for example a waterfall walk - bit more exciting than a normal walk.

    And as PJ says, weather is v changeable - so you need to be prepared for rain :(

    They'll have a great time. You'll see loads of french families on holiday here, mainly as there is so much to keep kids occupied.
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    Thanks for that. We might have had a slight change of plan and may head to Metabief instead as it appears to be less steep and there appears to be more for the young ones to do.

    We shall see. Hopefully see some downhill action at some point though. :D