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lost retro website

tozi1tozi1 Posts: 119
edited April 2009 in Road beginners
I've lost the details of a brilliant site in c'plus from a couple of months back-lots of retro stuff,frames and fixies,mag has been chucked,lost all data of the pc- the guy built a beatiful retro fixie-help anyone!


  • star_roverstar_rover Posts: 318
    Sounds like
  • tozi1tozi1 Posts: 119
    don't think it was had the guy build them a fixed wheel machine.thanks anyway will have a look
  • tozi1tozi1 Posts: 119
    star rover-you are a star,and i am an idiot-how could i forget a name like freshtripe! Many thanks,much happy browsing and dreaming will follow.Cheers
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