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garmin accident/ mount

C-S-BC-S-B Posts: 117
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right so cycling along on usual poor Irish roads on Sunday, and suddenly my Garmin 705 starts wobbling about. I grab a hold of it and realise its loose, but unconsciously let go of it again to pull the brakes. Cue the garmin flying off my bike, and before Im even off the bike fully, the car behind me runs over the damn thing :evil: :shock:

What had happened was that the little plastic strips that pass under the zip ties had snapped (I didnt even go through a pot hole or anything..) :shock:

However, it still seems to work ok, with just some scuffs, but something under the rubber seal has popped out at the top..

Anyone know where I might be able to get it repaired (or looked at at least)? Think it might still be water proof with the seal damaged?

Argg very annoyed

PS. And anyone know where I might be able to get a new mount for less than the 10 quid CRC want for a little piece of plastic?!


  • Richard GRichard G Posts: 15
    The mount for my Garmin 705 similarly broke. Others I've mentioned it to suggest it's quite a common problem - bad design I guess. Though you may still be able to use the mount if you're prepared to use it at 90 degrees to before, i.e. on the handlebars as opposed to the stem or the other way round. But only, if as was the case for me, the alternative 90 degree tabs on the mount haven't broken too? I found mine were still intact after the others broke, so I could use the same mount on my stem instead of my handlebars with just some new zip ties - very cheap from any hardware store. So that might save you some money on the mount? But sorry can't help with the first half of your query!!
  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    Does it have no attachment point for a safety cord or wrist strap? I've always got my GPS attached to the bars by a cord as well as the mount.
  • DaSyDaSy Posts: 599
    I dropped my 705 the other week, I was just putting it back on after cleaning the bike, and somehow my cack hands managed to drop it onto the carpeted floor. The problem was that it managed to clip the foot of my turbo trainer which put a series of crack through the display!

    It still sort of worked from the little bit of display that still worked, but of no use at all.

    I contacted Garmin, and they do a fixed rate repair for £97, they swap your unit for a near new unit with full 12 month warranty. Not cheap I know, but at least I get something back that works; the price of my own ineptitude.

    I would contact Garmin and explain the mount failed, they are pretty good at customer support and may well cut you a deal to sort it out.
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  • 1 - Why not just use the spare mount that came with the unit?

    2 - I came off big time recently. My 705 remained attached to the bike - mounted to the stem. Mount was intact. However, the rubber weather seal on the thumb stick was torn back. The unit was fully functional but I was concerned about it being weatherproof.

    Garmin said the could send a rubber cover for the stick as they had some dummy units, but went on to say that they were not easy to fit, and the warranty would be invalid. Alternatively, they would replace the item (they don't repair them) at £97.87 with a full 12 month warranty. As it was an insurance job, got the item replaced.

    Even though I was asked to return the unit only, they shipped the full retail pack including HRM, mounts, charger, cables etc.

    But as Da Sy says above, see if Garmin will replace for free due to failure of the mount. Nothing lost by asking.
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Garmin mounts are known to be made of cheese. This is why Pro teams do something like this:

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  • richaricha Posts: 1,633
    Edges usually come with two mounts. Both can be converted to stem/bars.
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