Loss of paint on aluminium frame.

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On my frame some of the paint has come off, I think it got scratched and being near the bottom bracket water has seeped in and flaked some of the paint off.

Is this anything to worry about. I think Aluminium gets a thin layer of oxidised aluminium on its surface when exposed to the air which protects the rest from rusting so it should be ok, but I just thought I would check.

Also; if I wanted to patch it up what kind of paint should I use? It's a black frame so matching the colour isn't that important.


  • Smokin Joe
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    You won't have a problem with corrosion for the reason you state. My frame is mainly black and I use Humbrol model paint or Hammerite for paint chips.
  • I used nail varnish for small chips.
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  • Smokin Joe
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    I used nail varnish for small chips.
    I prefer salt & vineger.
  • dazzawazza
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    Toy shop model paint is good for touch-ups.
    I even used this paint on the top caps of some scratched up Tiagra shifters and they finished off really nice. It also allowed me to match the bar tape colour.