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a 'getting older' bike?

DocsavageDocsavage Posts: 58
edited March 2009 in Road buying advice
Right first off lets talk quietly as the wife doesn't know my evil intentions.

I have a few bikes, but mainly ride my Condor Cadet nowadays (I've toured across France on it and ride it as my daily commuter bike, usually overloaded!!) I also have an Argos steel framed road bike (but it's probably a bit small at 58 cm - my Cadet is 60 cm and is a better fit) and I also have a CAAD 7 Cannondale r1000 which has been fun for the last 4-5 years but is at 58cm also. (I got the Cadet last - and Condor took more time to size me up properly)

Now at 48, I really want a lovely weekend ride - fast but not too 'heads down' with scope for M Guards if the weather is poor, a more upright position to save my neck/back and a mid range group set.

I'm looking at the Fratello but wondered if anyone had any views on it, or other thoughts
(I'm selling the 'Dale, but keeping the Argos for my son)


better downhill


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