Honc entry can i use my allez?

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Ok I may of blagged a ticked to the Hell of the north cotswalds as a late entry, there are 2 routes 50km and 100km, I understand the route has a lot of lanes and roads in so seriously can i put a cross tyre on my specialized allez 09 and do it or am i stuck with sngle speed mtb and doing 50ks or full suss mtb which tbh is just too heavy and slow to entertain doing 100ks on

IAs a 1 off will this destroy my road bike and what tyre to go for as i dont think it will fit 35mm on the frame?

Any thoughts appreciated on the idea and the event in general

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  • alp777
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    I've done the event a couple of times, once on a rigid mtb and there is no way i would do it on a road bike, you will ruin it.

    Now a "cross" bike would be ideal!
  • Bengdogg
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    Yeah i'm not sure i can get another one past the wife :lol: Ive had a read up and i think gears over the 100ks on a full suss or 50ks on the single speed are my options, I love my road bike too much to trash it
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    your wheel /brake clearance probably precludes anything bigger than 25mm whereas cross tyres are generally 32mm and you need room for mud clearance.
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    Doing it for the first time myself this year (on a short travel FS MTB), a couple of people in the club I'm in are planning to do it on cross bikes but one of them who's done it a few times mentioned it can be a bit iffy and to expect lots of punctures on a CX bike. Apparently the course is usually either wet and gloopy (sounds good for a cross bike) or dry and very bumpy (sounds a nightmare for a cross bike). Hopefully the recent weather continues which will mean it will be dry. Not sure I'd risk it on an Allez as it will get quite a battering and it's not really designed for off-road (the HONC route although it does have a lot of road sections also does have some proper off-road sections).
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    Well the ticket is mine so im in as long as the tranfer takes place, I think i may aquire some fast rolling mtb tyres and run the full suss, its only got a double chain ring up front but its still good for 28mph ish when spun up fast on roads
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