XC race/marathon - full sus reliability?

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Im sorry to burrden you guys with another thread, but your input would be greatly appreciated. I currently have a 12kg hard tail which i use for XC racing and am looking to upgrade. What would you choose for XC racing / marathon events....

Giant Anthem X2
http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-GB/bik ... 433/32474/

Cube Reaction R1 Mag
http://www.cube-bikes.de/xist4c/web/REA ... .htm#anker

Lapierre Pro-Race 500 (or 400)
http://www.lapierre-bikes.co.uk/lapierr ... RACE-500-2

Scott Scale 30

And just wondering how much servicing full-sus bearings/joints need? I hear people complaining about reliability?
thanks guys.


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    Have you looked at a Cannondale Rush or possibly Scalpel ?
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    what about the KHS XC team. Its a lightweight XC full susser with all the top kit on it, all for under £2K, its a bargain! Ive ridden it and can say from first hand thats its a brilliant ride
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    deadliest wrote:
    Have you looked at a Cannondale Rush or possibly Scalpel ?
    I'll second that. Got a carbon rush myself and am so pleased with it. It looks gorgeous and has superb kit. Climbs like a good un and is great for all day in the saddle. Superb fox forks up front and single pivot (no fuss) fox out back. You wont be disappointed.
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