Carbon Fibre Frame Repair

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Is it possible. I have a thumb sized hole in the chainstay of my madone caused by a derailleur breaking and smashing a hole in the frame.

Can this be repaired and if so where?


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    They can usually be repaired, I'm not sure of anywhere in UK but there is a compny called Calfee in the US who do repairs.

    Try giving these a bell, don't know if they can help...

    Also, Trek may be able to sort something themselves...
  • Monty Dog
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    There's a guy who advertises in Cycling Weekly - apparently pretty reasonable from a friend who used him.
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    There are quite a few carbon repair/manufacturing companies around, surprisingly quite a few in rurla east anglia.

    We have one near us 'Carbon Tech' Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk. Plus Mike Burrows uses a few over in Norfolk, so a Google there might be worthwhile, plus anywhere around the Formula 1 racing stables of the country.
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