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I should be taking delivery of my new roof bars for my 206 in the next few days and to save £60 on a specific bike carrier iv come up with a way of straping it down to the rails, however this means it would have to be up side down, resting on its bars and saddle. Is there anything seriously wrong with it bieng this way for any length of time (maybe a 2 hours max.) or could it be damaged such as the oil in the forks or brakes.
Probably fairly obvious but any help would be great.


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    Can't see why not, only thing I'd worry about is how secure your method will be at 80mph
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    Rock Shox don't recommend storing their forks upside down for any length of time because the damping oil can leach from one chamber to the other. It isn't a major problem - it can be remedied by cycling the forks a few times but I can't imagine that doing it regularly would be good.

    I've also hear tell of (cheapo) handlebar stems snapping following inverted transport. Could be coincidence, but on the other hand...
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    i had thought about doing that but there is abig chance the handlebars will silp on the roofbarand end up underneath though i suppose it depends on handlebar shape quite alot.
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    Thanks for the replys,
    Dave - Yea that was my main concern about the movement of oil however iv never seen it anywhere on the packaging or instructions of the couple of fox forks iv had so i dont think it would be a major problem, i might give fox a ring to see what they say.

    Regarding the transport method, iv designed a ply board to attatch to the bars with points to strap the bike to. From what i can see it should be even safer than the proper mounts as it will have more points of contact and the centre of gravity should be nearer the car.