Brake blocks won't centralize

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Just need a bit of your advice.

I have campag centaur brakes (2008) and the rear brake blocks don't centralize as there is an uneven gap between them and the wheel rim. When I release the brake, one of the brake pads remains touching the rim whilst the other moves away from the rim.

Any idea how to adjust this?



  • Mister W
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    Undo the bolt holding the brake to the frame, centralise it and re-tighten.
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    Campag calipers have a micro adjustment on each side of the caliper. You need a really small allen key (not sure of exact size), Screwing these in or out moves the pad in/out, but as previous poster has said, if the alignment is way off you need to undo the main pivot bolt and realign.
  • softlad
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    slacken the mounting bolt, pull the brake on tight (which will self-centre it) and then nip up the caliper bolt while holding the lever in. Works for me...
  • brucey72
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    Thanks for the replies chaps. The central pin was nice and tight so used the micro-adjustment on the side of the caliper to sort out the problem. they are working perfectly now