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Internal Cable rattle

fatandwheezingfatandwheezing Posts: 169
edited March 2009 in Road beginners
One of my most favourit things about riding on the country lanes is how quiet it can be, however I have a 2008 Focus Cayo, with the brake cable(could be gear cable, can't remember off hand) routed through the top tube. This rattles, and it's really annoying.

It also makes me think there is a problem with the bike when there isn't, so has anyone else had a similar problem, and had a simple non-damaging way to silence it - an extreme solution would be a nice squirt of expansion foam, but I can't imagine that being any good for the frame, or particularly easy to remove when I replace cables.


  • Zendog1Zendog1 Posts: 816
    Can you get some cable donuts in there - the little round rubber things that are used stop external cables rattling against the top tube. I can't see any reason why the won't work on the inside juat as well. Any bike shop will sell them.
  • flanners1flanners1 Posts: 916
    I get this on my Cayo, was a criticism (one of the few) in the reviews
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