WARNING Salford & Manchester riders

pete higham
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stolen from pistonheads

this is from the phillips park area prestwich

Be warned. My riding buddy phoned me today. He'd been cycling around the 13 arches viaduct and came across a man and his son, looking pretty bad. They'd been riding around that area, and a motocross bike had come up behind them, the rider booted the dad off (you can imagine the speed), a following motocross bike came up, the pillion passenger grabbed the bike, back on the motorbike, and off they went. Another couple did the same with his son.

Can you imagine that? A lovely sunday ride out on a nice sunny day, only to be attacked and your bikes stolen? It makes me want to go down there and hunt them down. I'll certainly be listening out for motorbikes for a bit.

this is my local riding area :evil: