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Faceplant - thank goodness for helmets!

pirwin1pirwin1 Posts: 248
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It was the BUCS (british university and college sports) mountian bike champs this weekend at UK Bike Park in Dorset. Beautiful weather all weekend.

I was supposed to be racing in the XC champs on the Sunday afternoon. However whilst getting some practice in on the Saturday I misjudged going over a tabletop type thing and ended up landing on my face. Not sure of details of what happened really as I don't remember much between seeing the guy in front of me going over the table top andl being sat in a pick up truck going up the hill.

Got checked over by the medics on site and then sent to A&E where they cleaned up my face and X-rayed my back as it was really sore. Looks like I've just hurt the muscles in my back so was given pain killers and sent home.

I always wondered how well bike helmets would actually work, but mine certainly did its job in taking some of the impact, thank goodness!

My helmet:

Me this morning:


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    Sorry, you should of put a ginger warning in the title :shock:
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