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I bought a Fuel Ex 8 three weeks ago and I've been very happy with it bar a few minor niggles. However, during a weeks riding in Spain, I noticed that there is a dent in the rear rim (I'm not sure where it came from).

Whilst the bike is still rideable, the metal is stressed and this clearly means that there is a weakness in the rim. I took the wheel in to Evans (from where the bike came) and, much to my annoyance, they refused to do anything. I asked if I could claim under the warranty and they said it probably wouldn't be covered. However, surely it is for Trek to whether or not they want to repair/replace the item and not the dealer? Therefore, my question is; should Evans have taken the wheel from me and sent it to Trek for inspection?


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    I'm pretty sure denting a rim is never going to be covered by warranty, because it is almost always due to user error, either through running the tyres ambitiously low, or through poor line choice and hitting a large immovable object.

    Whilst these would most probably occur by accident, a flat causing a flat tyre hence a dent, or an unseen obstacle, it still isn't a fault with the product.

    Sorry for the bad news.
  • A dent is unlikely to be covered by warranty, as it's probably not a fault, more likely been hit against something. Whether it was there before you bought it or not, it's doubtful whether you'll have any luck.

    How did your bike get to Spain? I'd look at a travel insurance claim if I were you - probably the airport baggage chuckers of you flew.
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    Thanks for your opinions but my question was as to whether it was the dealer's decision or Trek's? Should I push for the dealer to send the wheel to Trek?
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    I very much doubt its covered, as wheels are easily dented when hitting square edges like rocks and routes. It will happen more if your riding is more aggressive and tend to plough through rock gardens, rather than being light and picking your lines better.
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  • You could push for them to send it to Trek, but if it's deemed as not a warranty claim, they may charge you for shipping.

    Have you tried e-mailing Trek directly?
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    Your warranty lies with the dealer - their choice. They are under no obligation to send it to Trek if they feel there is no claim to be made, however they could contact Trek for an opinion. To be honest, I would agree with them, rims do dent when you bang them!