stone chips on a chrome frame - nail polish ?

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So I've got my nearly new rockhopper comp dirty and all that , but it has also sustained some stone chipping ... is it worth trying to fill the chips with Chrome nail polish


  • Great Ayton
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    Nail polish is a very poor thing to use. If you do wish to paint it use a car chip fix kit that will contain etch primmer, paint and clear coat normally. Or better still get a matched paint so it should hopefully blend in. But I tend to work on if you have chipped it now you will just do it again so just leave it as it.
  • Grimy
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    Merlie, I'm guessing its a polished aluminium frame with a clear coat laquer rather than actually chromed. I have something similar, and as theres no etch primer or colour coat for the laquer to adhear to, and the aluminium is fairly polished, the laquer does tend to chip or bubble easyer when stones hit.
    My advise is to ensure you remove any lose laquer or bubles that dirt and water could sit under as it will do more damage in the long run than having no laquer at all. I either remove the small part of damaged laquer and polish the area with G3 to buff the aluminum back up and leave it exposed, which really wont do any harm as it is aluminium. Or I sand it back a little with some fine wet and dry and just use a laquer touch up pen from the local motor factors.

    My down tube is fairly peppered near the bottom bracket from stone chips and rock dents, I gave up touching them up in this area and just polish them out now and again with G3 paste and it looks fine!