Maxxis Freeride Tube

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are these any good. don't want to fork out 8 quid for a tube that will puncture at the slightest hard landing :oops: ... delID=5419


  • nicklouse
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    if they are any thing like the DH tube they will be fine.

    But ant tube will snake bite if the pressure is too low.
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  • docker0141
    docker0141 Posts: 605
    ye i run quite a high pressure usually it's just my landings can be a bit.... bad :oops:
  • The Big Cheese
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    I ordered two from CRC... thick as you like, have not beasted them yet but so far so good!!!
  • xtreem
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    I've replaced the rear Welter with a Freeride tube and I had no punctures for almost 4 months.
    But my tire is 2.1".