Who's had a rear shock PUSH'ed?

tompug Posts: 227
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My shock crapped it's oil last night, I would fix it myself but it's filled with nitrogen (it's a fox van r) .

Is it worth having it PUSH'ed or just a service? I was happy with the performance beforehand, how much difference would I feel?


  • Great Ayton
    Great Ayton Posts: 337
    Just a service if you were happy with it. Though how old is it? Normally if its gone as far as pissing out oil it was way over due a service. If so it can end up costing a fortune to fix. Best to ask to get a quote before going ahead.
  • tompug
    tompug Posts: 227
    It's in good condition suprisingly. There aren't any decent shocks for less than £150 I can find in the correct size (8.75 x 2.5/2.75).