Wide Bars Rock!!

The Northern Monkey
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I took my GT for a ride today (now on ebay), and realised how much better it is to ride with the wider bars on my Surge.

I always figured i'd want to chop the bars back on the surge, but theres no chance now, the wider stance gives so much more control.

Looks like i'll be bussing it to uni tho, not a chance i'm leaving the surge locked up!!


  • Great Ayton
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    I like quite wide bars on my Orange DH bike. They just tend to stop the bard wanting to rip out your hands. I find them a bit unwieldy for trick though so my Turner and BMX both have much shorter bars. I just end up clipping my knees if I use longer bars. I just put wider bars on my XC bike but there still skinny ish.

    Just had a look at your link and nice surge :D
  • xtreem
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    When I bought my bike, it was really strange with the wider bars, but now I love them. :D
    Just watch out wih trafic, I've hit several car mirrors. :lol:
  • lol yea, i've been quite close to a few trees, but the confidence it gives you when hurtling downhill is awesome :D
  • bells0
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    Loving my 710 wide Funn Fat boys. Bike seems a lot more stable.

    Did have a couple of near comedy offs at Dalby though, trying to squeeze through the tight wooden gates they have after the downhill sections :lol:
  • dave_hill
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    bigbenj_08 wrote:
    I took my GT for a ride today (now on ebay), and realised how much better it is to ride with the wider bars on my Surge.

    Amen to that. Wider bars increase the leverage available, meaning you don't have to put as much effort into direction changes.

    Also, because your arms will be spread wider, your shoulders and head will change position, closer to the bars. Which means a lower centre of gravity. Which is nice.
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  • it could be the combination of wide bars and uber short stem coupled with some spot on geometry tho :)
  • ride_whenever
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    yeah, 700mm bars and very short stem on my inbred, it is absolutely gorgeous to ride like that.

    Now i want some for my 456!!!!
  • I didn't realise how wide mine were until I tried following someone through an open gate and came to a painful stop!
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