"fits schraeder and presta valves" ... help!

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Ok, this is probably a stupid question... but yesterday my LBS sold me a "Oxford Essential Track Pump" like this

http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... delID=8500

the label says "fits schraeder and presta valves" but it has a single-headed valve that appears to be schraeder-only, pumps up my MTB fine but can't figure out how the heck it's supposed to fit presta too - no presta adapter came with it, only something for pumping up footballs. Anybody know what i'm missing? No instructions, of course.

Sunny day, want to ride my road bike, fixed the puncture but now need to pump it up... help!


  • pictit
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    If it's like my track pump it does indeed fit both types with no attachments/adjustment neccessary.Just go ahead and fit it to your presta valve,should work ok
  • STEFANOS4784
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    You migt need to unscrew the end and turn the little jobbie inside around, if that makes sense. Have a good ride, i'll be sat in work :x
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    It says in the reviews that it has a presta adaptor with plastic thread "which strips almost immediately".Sounds a bit rubbish.
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  • Falconar
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    Cheers guys, think there is a missing adapter somewhere - can't see any way to connect the damn thing otherwise.

    Managed to flag down a passing roadie from my front garden and he had a pump, so got to ride. The bugger dropped me on the first hill we came to though, so some work to do... :oops:
  • FCE2007
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    The adaptor is usually clipped into the locking lever.


    Or have a look in the handle - the end bungs pop off.
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