What type of brakes do you use?

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I was just wondering what the most common type of brakes on here were, so i thought i would ask...


  • xtreem
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    Probably hydraulics.
    And in your second option on the pool should have been mechanical disc brakes.

    And I use mechanical.
  • cullen_bay
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    hydraulics are fantastic.
  • edhornby
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    I'd say that for anything over £300 you'll be getting hydraulics on nowadays - discs are the way to go as they are powerful and you don't use your rims for a braking surface
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  • Raymondavalon
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    Two of my bikes have hydraulic discs
    The 3rd bike uses (Magura HS33) hydraulic rim brakes which have tons of feel and can equal or better most midrange discs in stopping power