This is a bargain... right?

The_Ledge Posts: 57
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Doesn't specify the frame size but is this for real? ... e6ffcfeb41

Just noticed it's a small :(


  • ratty2k
    ratty2k Posts: 3,872
    Its an extra small apparently... Not too many folks want the odd sizes which explains the price...
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  • Andy B
    Andy B Posts: 8,115
    size is in the title & the 1st line of the description, XS, X small.
  • The_Ledge
    The_Ledge Posts: 57
    I noticed it was a small as soon as I pressed submit on here..... shame
  • P-Jay
    P-Jay Posts: 1,478
    Looks to be, it says they're RRP 299, but a quick look on the internet shows they're being sold for £370 plus.

    Bloody small frame an X Small though, I guess it would fit a kid or five footer.