Campagnolo brake problem

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I was having a fiddle last night ( with my bike ) and had to re-fit my brakes. When getting the right tension for the brake cable I pushed though the 'button' at the top of the brake lever - in the past it has helped me to get the block really close to the rim. Trouble is this time the pin simply fell out the other side, and now whilst it will go back in It doesn't look very secure. Have I broken it? i'm temped to simply secure it with gaffer tape, maybe someone else has a superior solution?

Any help much appreciated.


  • Kléber
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    This has happened to me, just put it back and it should hold in place, it has a groove/slot on it which holds it in place. Make sure you put it back in the right way.
  • The button is designed to always be in, not just to hold the brakes closer to the rim

    It is there as a 'quick release' to let the pads OUT for clearance when removing a wheel, not the other way round as you appear to use it

    Thats just for guidance - that said can't comment on whether pushing it too far has broken it - try the suggestion and see how you get on!
  • Rudd
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    put it back in, look secure, but obviously not as it fell out in the middle of tower bridge-no chance of recovery! anyone know where you can buy a replacment?
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    Condor are good for campag spare parts
  • Rudd
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    good point, i'll give them a go, thanks