Ghetto Garmin GPS mount for GPS60 & etrex

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I have a Garmin GPS60 which usually sits on the bars using the Garmin handle bar mount, which I also believe is the same mount for the Garmin Etrex series and looks something like this.


The problem I have found with this is that the GPS sticks out from the bars in quite a bit in a bit of a dodgy position and ever time I have had a stack it seems to get ripped off the bars 8O. The GPS is always fine thanks to Garmins tough construction but the mount is never quite so lucky.

I have always liked the way the Gramin edge mounts central on the stem which looks like a safer position would also make it easier to use. So after various attempts involving cable ties, elastic, bits of foam and what ever else I could find in the garage I finally came up with this.


This is another mount I had kicking around which I had to buy when I had oversize bars and with the aid of a bit of epoxy putty, a few cable ties and a bit of rubber(which came with the mount) I made a stem mount.

Now the GPS mounts like this.


It still uses the exsisting cradle that the GPS clips into so it can be easily fitted and removed and is very sturdy, I tried it out on a 3 hour ride today with no problems. If anyone wants more details on how it's made just ask, it's very easy to make.


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    Looks neat and a alot more protected. Might have a go myself.
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    I plan on doing something very similar for the basic etrex. I have bought a handlebar mount but plan to butcher the mount and attach it to the stem instead via zipties. I'll let you know how I get on and if I don't completely @rse it up I'll post some pics.
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  • looks good that! i did have an old mount that broke on the hinge, wonder if i still have it in the shed?? mounting on the stem would be cool!
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