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Anyone been?

I got made redundant recently and got a bit of money coming my way. The last year and a half in work has been the most stressful and depressing in my life, anyway I think I deserve a once in a lifetime trip the Whistler.

Thinking of going late August, week after Crankworks about the 22nd.

I've been looking at Bear Back Riding and ticket2ride BC.

If anyone's used ether before, or used someone else who was really good I've love to know.

Also what's late August going to be like? Is it very cold, very hot? Grizly Tourist Eating/shagging season?



  • a girl i work with spent a year in Whistler, biking in summer and snowboarding in winter,and boozing it up, she told me previously:

    "if you arent taking any specialist equipment ie your bike, or board then dont bother with booking through an operator at this end, get the cheapest flights and accomodation from here and then when you get there you can check out the operators and guides and the price will be significantly less, if your sociable enough you'll meet locals and other folk at LBS and bars who wont mind another addition to their group, you can also wing it with the accomodation and get it cheaper once you arrive, in hostels and cheaper hotels and standby rates etc, but thats up to you" also "the bears arent a problem if you get the f*** out of their way, theyre used to people lurking around the place so are a bit more tolerant, to a point, just tuck your shorts into your kneepads, so you dont leave a trail of crap for the bugger to follow"

    hope this helps, you'll have a blast, im jealous
    i spent all me money on whisky and beer!!!
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    Thanks, I prefer independent travel to be honest, it's the way I usually do it.

    I'm trying to get the gist of the place really, I've been to Morzine a few times (and off again in July) and I'd be quite happy to go there independently because I know you just buy a lift pass and away you go.

    But Whislter's a bit of a mystery, they all talk about 3 of 5 days in the bike park, I want to ride everyday, are there lifts and trails outside of the bike park? I'm taking my DH bike so I realy need lifts / shuttles. (although I fancy renting an smaller bike to try Comfortably Numb).
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    I'm pretty sure you'll find it hard to beat our value for a holiday compared to doing it yourself. Anyway, theres a challenge for you :)

    Whister's a fantastic place. It's pretty much the perfect trail center.
    The bike park is DH specific and the rest of the valley offers XC/AM trail riding away from lift assistance. Unlike the Alps, there is no real XC riding to be had via lift assistance.
    Shuttling is all Squamish or Pemberton too. Whistler has no real vertical DH shuttling.

    Comfortably Numb... don't ride it alone. its only 25kms of trail.. but we've been in there for 5+ hours with very small groups of experienced and capable riders. Its NOT a quick afternoon blast, although if you self guide by guidebook, then its an easy mistake to make. WMB article on Comfortably Numb

    To get the most/best out of Whistler, I highly recommend a guide... good guiding is very underrated. It means you get to ride the trails that suit your ability and aspirations.. not just those that you manage to find on your own.. plus you wont waste time trying to find trailheads.

    Late August is still pretty hot. September is my favorite month as it cools off a bit and the park is less busy. Crankworx and the weeks surrounding the event are super busy. The XC trails don't see a big increase in traffic, but the park certainly does. The bike park will have suffered some serious abuse over crankworks too.. but a couple of weeks after that and the trail crews will have got it back into good shape again.

    No grizzzlies here.. just black bears who fortunately don't have a local reputation for creating conflict :) Cougars too.. both feline and female ;)

    Anyway, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


    Jonny at Bear Back Biking
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    I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that if I were returning to Whistler (went there in July 2007), there would be absolutely no hesitation in going back to stay with Jonny and Mark at Bear Back Riding.
    In fact we plan to do so in a year or so.
    Just for the record, I am not a personal friend of either Jonny or Mark, but more importantly I guess, a very happy former guest of theirs at their lodge at Whistler.
    My partner and I stayed for a week with Bear Back Biking in 2007 ( a couple of weeks before Crankworks) and I can tell you that their setup, hospitality and client care is second to none. It is definitely money well spent and the stuff of life long memories.
    We were the first Kiwis to ever stay there.
    If you want a holiday to remember at the holy grail of mountain biking then you need look no further than booking with Bear Back.
    If I were you, I'd consider going shortly before Crankworks. That way you get to see some of the best freeriders in the world practicing on the course obstacles and jumps while enjoying a cold beer (no warm pommy beer in Whister mate) after an epic hard day on the mountain.
    BTW the trails off the mountain are superb as well, so don't assume that it's all hardcore downhilling. You can also consider checked out West Coast Free Ride Guides as they offer some great day trips. We did the float plane trip and it was a wonderful day out.
    Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

    Best of luck

    Glenn Dixon - New Zealand
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    Thanks Johhnyboy / Dixie, you've sold me!

    We get back from Morzine on the 11th of July, providing everything's still attached We'll get in touch!
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    P-J Had you thought about which bike to take?
    We took our Santa Cruz nomads and whilst they were great for riding off the mountain on the x-c trails they weren't the best 'on the mountain'. Whistler mountain is brutal on your bike and if you have a selection of bikes available, you might want to consider taking your x-c/a-m rig for off the mountain riding and hire a big beast from one of the many places available.
    Just a thought.
    Bike hire isn't that cheap but the bonus is that you won't have to pay for maintenance which is a significant consideration if you're riding solidly on the mountain for 5 days or so.
    Maybe you might want to talk to Jonny about that or get some advice from other Whistler vets.
    I'd love to hear how you get on.

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    I've got a nicely specced Cove Shocker which I'll probably take, it's Canadian after all! I guess we'll mostly stick to the DH as that's harder to find at home.

    I've Spesh Endruo too I'll be leaving behind, I'd love to take both but I guess that's just not practical. We've got stunning singletrack here but we'll no doubt be renting something lighter to hit the off mountain stuff for at least one day.