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Hi guys,

I found the service centre on the forum in Frimley for Mavic. They seem to be useless at replying to emails. I have a set of 2006 Kysrium SSC SL's that are slightly out of true and maybe in need of a hub service although they seem smooth after over 3000miles.

Does anyone know how long it takes to true them and how much it costs at Frimley?

I live down in Southampton, and being the first time with Mavics, Im guessing Frimley is my closest option at just over 40 miles, if anyone could point me in the direction of somewhere closer that would be great. Local bikeshops I've been to wont service them because of the aero spokes.

Any other advice would be greatly appriciated :D


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    I had a similar problem with my Mavic Cosmics.

    I couldn't get hold of a wheel truing tool for them so carefully used the spokes and a tension meter to re true. Took about 5mins.

    The aero spokes spin around in the hub and in a couple of cases they had spun around more then once. I just put them back to where they should have been carefully using a adjustable and I now have a nice straight wheel. Apply some spoke freeze afterwards to the treads at the hubs.

    Have you tried Andy at R%R or Gary at G.A Cycles?
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    A decent LBS should be able to sort out your wheels without the need to go to the Mavic Service Centre, unless you needs some specific parts.
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    I didnt even know GA Cycles existed!

    Thanks for the replies guys :D
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    G A Cyles quoted the following for the Kysirum SSC SL's

    £15-£20 wheel true
    £13.50 hub service
    £9.00 bearing service

    slightly confused with the hub and bearing thing, if you get a hub service, does that not cover the bearings?
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    You actually need this work after 3000 miles? Really?
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    You should be able to get another opinion/quote from Hargroves Cycles.

    I usually use Fareham or Winchester, but there's a shop in Southampton too. I'm pretty sure they are a Mavic service centre now, but they had no trouble in checking my wheels were true and sorting spokes as part of a general service on my cross bike.

    Aero spokes too, but nowhere near as bling as your wheels so maybe give 'em a call first!

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    Nope as the bearings cost money..............
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    Thanks for the informative reply Steve! I'll give them a ring 8)