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Good Old Lidl

The HutcHThe HutcH Posts: 107
edited March 2009 in MTB general
Went to Lidl's today and saw that they had a section of bike stuff. Ended up buying some SPD compatible cycling shoes and a jersey. Have any of you guys been in their and brought anything?


  • docker0141docker0141 Posts: 605
    i went looking for a jacket but they had none left :x
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Orange juice is lovely at Lidl :)
  • i always intend to look at bike stuff but the cheap cider always catches my eye first
    i spent all me money on whisky and beer!!!
  • noodlemannoodleman Posts: 852
    Bought a bike hoist for in the garage. £4.99. Works a treat and makes cleaning it loads easier. Also bought the wife some padded tights last year for a tenner and they are really good, almost as good as my endura ones which cost five times that.
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  • nozzacnozzac Posts: 408
    I've discovered that their W5 brand multipurpose degreaser (in the household cleaners section) is as good as the special bike stuff I've bought in the past and only costs about 80p.
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