cables under bottom bracket on my fsr

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any one had problems with the cables sagging under the bottom bracket on the spesh fsr?

any solutions? seems to me a big design fault??? no problems yet but i anticipate them, and wish i had looked more closely when buying it.

cheers everyone.



  • Father Faff
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    If it's anything like my Commencal Meta 5 which also loops under the bottom bracket (to allow rear suspension movement I assume) then generally speaking I've not had any problems though I have occassionally knocked the cable out of the guide that guides to the front mech which I think is more a problem with rather a shallow guide.
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  • Stumpjumper FSRs have been like that for years. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
  • papasmurf.
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    yeah should be fine..the cable sag..I presume you're talking about a loop of out cable under the BB long as the inner cables taut its not a problems as mentioned above its to stop the cable being streched under suspension movement
  • Daz555
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    Yes I noticed that too on my FSRxc and thought it a little odd at fist.

    I don't see it being a problem though, they are nicely tied together and are nowhere near as low as the big chainring so they won't be hitting the ground. At worst you'll probably just collect the odd bit of grass here and there. Due to suspension movement, it would be a bigger problem if the cable were too tight against the bottom bracket.
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  • kingsfool
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    super. thanks very much everyone.!!

    will leave it be.
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    if they did not you would rip your gears off as the suspension compresses.
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    More to the point if they are tight they can actually cut into the bottom bracket shell which is what happened to my 07 stumpy fsr, there's actually a groove in the aluminium. Sorted it with a clear lizard skin patch and making sure there was plenty of slack under there. Hasn't cut through the lizard skin patch so either I'm got the cable tension right or lizard skin clear plastic patches are tougher than aluminium :shock: .
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