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advice sought re: bike sizing, VN Yukon

tunsistunsis Posts: 6
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sorry for the double post here with the buying advice forum, but wasnt sure where best to position the thread.

Been reading here for a little while and now hoping to get some advice about buying the right bike.

Currently I commute 18 miles a day on a hybrid and often do longer evening/weekend rides up to 70 miles with no issues other than I'd like to go faster. As summer is coming I'm looking to get something more suitable for longer distances, might try my hand at audax type events and possibly a multi day ride, hopefully LeJog.

I had myself measured (according to the formula) and came out with the attached measurements / geometry:

Measurements taken (in mm):

Height = 1834 (so 6'1")
Left Foot = 279
Right Foot = 275
Inside leg = 922
Torso length = 588
Left Arm = 740
Right Arm = 735
Shoulder Width = 412

My body proportions are a bit funny. I'm tall and lean however all of my height is in my legs and I have a relatively short torso. My ape index (armspan to height ratio) is +4 inches in favour of my arms so I have a fair reach. Its like I'm 6'3" but not.

I was given the attached diagram indicating how a bike for me should be set up. Interpreting this - I'm not so sure how best to do so - so I'd appreciate advice / suggestions on two things:

a) finding out what sort of frame size I should fundamentally look at? (eg: 56cm, 58cm, 60cm etc)

b) finding out if there is a particular Van Nicholas Yukon frame size to consider?

I really like the idea of a titanium framed bike and the Yukon has caught my eye as it seems to combine elements of everything I'm after: durable, light, fast, takes panniers etc. I'm not adverse to spending the money on a longer lasting, properly fitted bike and Van Nicholas do a custom build geometry build which I would consider if my body type was so out of the norm as to warrant it?

so if anybody has any suggestions / advice / comments, its greatly appreciated.

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