Carbon Frame Protection

simon johnson
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Discovered a chip (not potato one) on my frame today - shock horror :shock:

Intend to apply a bit of clear nail varnish to prevent further damage on that spot. I also came across these:


they're quite pricy... anybody used these before?

I'd get them but I'm not sure how thick/subtle they actually are; don't fancy a big wedge of perspex running across the chainstay (or wherever else). Unless you can suggest an alternative of course.

Thanks, Simon.
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  • alfablue
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    I use Bike Tape, similar to what is called helicopter tape I think. It is all but invisible on my frame (black carbon clear coat) but some users say on lighter frames dirt clings to the outline, showing up the patches. It comes on a roll, you just cut whatever shapes you need. Cheap, fast delivery.
  • Monty Dog
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    I recently put some Biketape on my new Ritchey - dirty edges do show up on light-colours, but should be OK on nude carbon. Doesn't work too well on compound curves either.
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  • Slow Downcp
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    I bought a roll of clear Fablon from B&Q a few weeks back - cut it into small patches to stop cable rub on the head tube. A quick wipe with a thimble of vodka to clean, stick on - perfect. Nice and thin so not noticable, copes with curves etc no problem, and cut it to whatever size and shape you want. Also withstood washing/cleaning the frame without peeling so far.

    It may actually be a little to too thin to be long lasting, so may have to remove and reapply on a regular basis, but at £4 or so for a large roll it'll last ages 8)
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  • simon johnson
    simon johnson Posts: 1,064
    Thanks, I'll look into those. Is the bike tape easy to remove should I want to re-apply?
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